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= WILL ACCEPT FAIR OFFER. THIS IS A $4,200 amp and this one is in LIKE NEW condition. It has been lightly used in a smoke free studio and never been out on the road. This 5 channel beast is 9.9 perfect. It is missing a screw that goes with the back grill. =

There are 3 video links so you can hear what this amp actually sounds like since it’s so rare and there are very few clips available. If you would like to hear the mic on the cab and not the iPad camera mic email me and I will send them to you!

Recreate and capture any tone with tons of different tone options. Will ship in original box.


The Koch Supernova, the ultimate all tube amp on the market. Modern day technology with all tube sound. Although this amp performs well on its own, for the more demanding user it has the ability to integrate fully with a MIDI controlled set-up. All 5 channels can all be individually adjusting and tweaked to the personal taste of the user  using the toggle switches on the right side of the control panel. The Supernova amp can store these individual settings in its internal memory ready for recall.

The FS6-SN footswitch (NOT included) enables you to either use this amp as a channel switching amp (the numbers on the footswitch correspond with the five channels) or you can use the amp as a “sound” switching amp. You can create sounds you want and save them under the footswitch button of your choice, ready for instant recall. As an extra you can add the FS2- SN footswitch which will enable you to switch “mute to tune” and to mute/by-pass all fx-loops with one push of the button. Besides working with the footswitch you can also control the amp with any MIDI controller on the market. You can then create 128 sounds with the Supernova and the rest of the gear you use in combination. Although the front panel has many knobs and switches we have kept the user interface very simple and clear. We wanted the user to be able to create new sounds instantly, without having to read the manual several times.

Trying to explain the tonal capacity of this amplifier is a impossible task. this amp simply is a TONE CHAMELEON. you can create any tone you want from crispy clean to ultra super lead.

The keywords of the Koch Supernova amplifier are “versatility and ease of use”.
The Supernova specifications:

  • All tube pre- and Power-amp (4 x EL34 + 8 x 12AX7)
    • Available as a 120W mono or as a 2 x 60W stereo version.
    • 5 channels(Clean Crunch, Gain, High gain and Ultra high gain) with 4 independent tone controls *
    • 2 master volumes*
    • Voicing switches on all channels * (Low, Mid shift, Bright +, High cut)
    • 2 parallel and 2 serial fx loops *
    • Classic long scale model reverb *
    • “Normal” and “Bright clean” inputs.
    • 3-way speaker damping, High/Medium/Low *
    • OTS function * (See text below for more details on this feature)
    • Friendly user interface ensuring easy operation

      All features marked with an asterisk (*) are MIDI controllable.

    OTS function:

    OTS stands for Output Tube Saturation. We have build in a All-tube single-ended 0,5W power amp with drive and volume controls. This will give you the effect of an all-tube amp fully driven, what you hear is a great saturated sound from power tubes played to their max capacity. This function can be added on all channels and thus gives you more sounds at your disposal. The OTS is placed between the pre-amp and power-amp section. This function is a unique “Koch” feature!


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    Weight 60 lbs
    Dimensions 36 x 24 x 12 in
    Amplifier Type