UBER RARE Ralph Nader Was Here AUTOGRAPHED CD 25 tracks w/ music CANADA RADIO

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Uber rare and limited “Ralph Nader was Here” CD signed at public radio station CJSR FM88 in Canada. Disc and insert = Mint UNPLAYED and Disc is untouched. Insert is Near Mint.

Signed 9/13/02

A compilation of 100% Canadian music, with some choice sound bites of Ralph Nader wisdom. Limited edition; produced as a swag item for donors to the 2003 Fundrive. Visit

Track listing:
# Artist Song
1 (sound bite) Nader on Community Radio
2 Litterbug  Garbage Truck
3 Mr. Relaxer Apparently You’re Evil
4 Cryptomnesia  Melancholia
5 (sound bite) Nader on Cosmetics
6 Savannah  Die Waiting
7 The Faunts  Will You Tell Me When
8 Caffeine Sunday  Rottenberry
9 (sound bite) Nader on the Military
10 Indian Police  I’m Gonna Kill Everybody I Know
11 Tom Cruise Missile The Fifth Wednesday of the Supermonth
12 Moksha  Medeival Knieval
13 Little Baby Cupcakes  Small Scene
14 (sound bite) Nader on Invisible Chains
15 Jeff King Wiebo
16 Sandro Dominelli Quintet Calypso Gas
17 Melissa Majeau A Little Something
18 The Kubasonics  Sida Rida
19 Teenage Surf Invasion North Saskatchewan Surf
20 (sound bite) Nader on the Mono Economy
21 Richochet Funds
22 The George Bushes Electric
23 Field and Stream Bombs Instead of Beauty
24 Division and Wellesley  Static on Through
25 The Swiftys  Adios

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Ralph Nader